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Ohio Jewelry Insurance

What is Jewelry Insurance?

Ruese Insurance Group Jewelry InsuranceAll too often, insurance consumers don't realize coverage for their jewelry is extremely minimal on their home, renters or condo insurance policy.  In fact, some policies might not provide any coverage for certain items.

Tip. Review your policy thoroughly or have your agent tell you how much coverage you have for your jewelry.

Consider this situation: you come home from work one evening to find your house burglarized.  What do you think the thieves took first? They tend to grab high-value items that are easily portable. Which most often translates to your jewelry.

Many people don't realize how much jewelry they have accumulated until it's too late. But it doesn't have to be complicated... most of the time, jewelry is very easy to insure. A simple change to your homeowners policy adding the jewelry you want insured is often all it takes.  But you have to make the change before the item is lost, damaged or stolen.  Insurance companies aren't in the habit of reimbursing you for jewelry you neglected to tell them you wanted insured.


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