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Ruese Insurance Ohio Dental InsuranceWhen your employer offers health insurance benefits to its employees, dental insurance may be an option in your plan.  If so, you should seriously consider the small additional cost..  Generally speaking, dental plans are cost prohibitive for the plan providers so it might not be an option in your plan.  Not to mention, employers tend to place a higher degree of importance on their medical insurance plan as compared to dental coverage.

There's good news for employers though.  Many insurance providers offering medical insurance coverage plans will include dental coverage in their plan as an additional benefit the employer can offer its employees.

Tip.  Businesses that don't currently have dental coverage in their benefits plan should check with their agent to see what the cost would be to add this coverage.  Often times, the cost can be minimal.

So what if your employer doesn't offer dental coverage in your health insurance plan?  Don't worry.  If you find yourself in this situation, you might consider an individual dental insurance plan.  Talk with your agent for an estimated cost.


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